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Welcome to my new page . I am a graphic anime artist that loves to do designs for people that like anime, hentai, comic, and cosplay designs.

I think theres so many ways to do basic sketches , and I love to draw pics of people that understand cosplay. Using your imagination to pose (ex. wearing a goddess outfit holding a tray of food ) with respect .


Who want a job …?

This is your chance , lets make it happen !



Grand Rising ,
Today has made me think about the beautiful people around me that like to be around positive vibes only, with the struggle on there shoulders, uplifting those that are on there knee/knee’s with there hands to the sky and tears in there eyes determine to win. I push to jot down the history making of the warriors that fight for then/us. The images sketched show such things. Male or female , allow the universe and ancestors to mark this down. ( #angelicmasterpieces , #saintsmasterpieces , #demigodmasterpieces , #goddessmasterpieces , #vexedinsanityarts ) leave a comment on my site to get started ; vexedinsainityarts.wordpress.com

Aii ,
     Brainstorm some new creative writing so I can illastrate them, and we got a reason to change history. Give it some thought , and u will see results empowering some positive vibes. What can u come up with that will be about it.
Due to the realness in your eyes and boredom there’s only one good question, are u into art or poetry ¿?
Slow day today, But I zoom by with my pencil, ink , paint , then let the ideas flow. Single minding out the obvious attraction in most goddess designs I never figured out the numbers of designs flashed forward. Àt least keeping up with them was adviseable usually. But now I see the influence of my impact with my art. Carring lots of #goddessart and #cosplayart faster into a new era ….

Drop positive feedback with comments or inboxes on me . Then the flying of the minds eye begins,  audition at HEY, can we chat about some new goddess designs I want to do of u… inbox me . #goddessart  #vexedinsanityarts #muse , I illastrate poems and stories too texts #cosplaymodel to 757-291-3491, names Demetrius Andre Mccoy Owner of Vexed Insanity Arts. vexedinsainityarts.files.wordpress.com
Auditions are open and optional meeting locations very.

Add me on Duo so we can video chat. Use this link: https://duo.app.goo.gl/HJ2CsaV


Hello to all my Fans

Let start by saying that the way things have been going I have found myself at a lost for words and modivation . All starting with the so called word of man , the unknown , need I say more …. The more I prove myself worthy of the things I desire , the more theres a so called reason to be stoped. Even tough I am on the right path, they make it harder ….. so , I have desided to just bomb the oppressed and faithless with even more mind blowing designs . So please stay tuned, its not over yet. If u have anything that u wish to be designed , please dont be shy , allow me to show off my skillz.

perefect masterpeace

G.M. young goddess ….. Does today turn the fates and gods in your direction…. ? Because Im just starting my day and would like to see the universe through your eyes , designing a cosplay graphic arts design charector based on , or mused of u… (#muse) Now u may be thinging whats that , and feel a lil altured already . Well just ask yourself , are u ready? Some people look ready , talk and act ready , but not …. As u take those beautiful selfies of your self (#goddessdesigns) , notice the color that swerls , as the light shines bright. Not the reflection of light u see of the room and yourself , but the gallaxy (#universalart) that radiates measuring the distance between self and space . Look at all the tiny stars , they are something to behold . The ancestors (#ancestoryart) have notice your gift ment for u , choose wisely , for if u reach out to them , u will receive it. My job is to guied u there , allow me one chance to put that gift on paper, canvas, or as a screen saver to remind u of you goddess/woman hood…….in other words , u know what im asking ..? Can we create a masterpeace (#marvelmasterpeaces)..? Please no weirdo stuff or creepy one worded answers , if u are not mature enough for this , a simple no thanks will serfice …….. As u see from how i type my flyer, im not into games and drama ……. Drama is from hell , and games are for playstation ….do u have @facebook.com + @instagram.com + @twitter.com + @hotmail.com + @gmail.com +@yahoo.com ………..

Lasting through the hard Times

So whats really good , are u wit it goddess ??? @Cosplay.com = ( RM18+ https://youtu.be/Y8wCs5TrY1I ) Masking the fates grand rising , bet i caught u just in time ….. lol tell me why i want to design some goddess pics of u ….. ? All i need to know is whats your fav color , your sign , and culture . Our ancestors allow the tapestry of the universe to unwind in our direction … then u can do a small photo shoot and we go from there , so whats on yo mind…?It should be the influince of seeing the galaxy in your own eyes. Not , I was with you until you said no rubber pencils lol idk know you for me to raw-dog posing ( use hand sanitizer while touching tools for art ) with you. Bringing a friend is most likely a must . Due to the covid . But you can definitely pay me if the both of u are into art …. The right moment will come just take your time…. Snap the shot , be creative using your astological sign and culture to find objects to add in the pics ….. thus ill do the rest , cause nine times out of ten the concept has been blown out of a proportional relationship …. pose like u want to tease the camra, have fun with it ….  just knock at the door , for the oppertunity has it cracked for u ….. wear a skirt , tie a sheet around u like a goddesses way to the water … With out being below the line of rated teen , RPG13 on the other hand has flew borderling the case proven . Not reaching back , our fav. #stealsuperman , #blacklightning , #Staticshock , and many more have been in the game for years to come. Adding trueth to fiction our very own #afro samurai has listed the talent needed with ease. But what about the female portion …?

Newest designs Freestyled

Ok , heres the forte’ … I want to do a goddess design thats based on your fav color , astrology sign , and culture . Allowing u to brainstorm with me a gown , spacific objects to hold, and maximizing your knowledge of self using my studying techniqes. Like chakra control, the human psyche , and much more …… thus designing the goddess thats u……You then pose for 5 pics , just to position your face , shape , and posture ….. ill train u on that part …. and we put it all together. If u into art and want to pose for some cosplay art , inbox me , add me , or email me at vexedinsanityarts@gmail.com ( Vexed Insanity Arts IG + FB )