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Welcome to my new page . I am a graphic anime artist that loves to do designs for people that like anime, hentai, comic, and cosplay designs.

I think theres so many ways to do basic sketches , and I love to draw pics of people that understand cosplay. Using your imagination to pose (ex. wearing a goddess outfit holding a tray of food ) with respect .


Graphic Cosplay Art

Most people dont know that you have to take pics , or have someone take them in order to get some designs done. Master mindinding a brainstormed form of events dealing with the subject isnt easy either …. from poems ( #poetrydrawngs ) to song covers ( #albumcoverart ) the head ach of it all is so worth it , all because I love my job .

Hello to all my Fans

Let start by saying that the way things have been going I have found myself at a lost for words and modivation . All starting with the so called word of man , the unknown , need I say more …. The more I prove myself worthy of the things I desire , the more theres a so called reason to be stoped. Even tough I am on the right path, they make it harder ….. so , I have desided to just bomb the oppressed and faithless with even more mind blowing designs . So please stay tuned, its not over yet. If u have anything that u wish to be designed , please dont be shy , allow me to show off my skillz.

perefect masterpeace

G.M. young goddess ….. Does today turn the fates and gods in your direction…. ? Because Im just starting my day and would like to see the universe through your eyes , designing a cosplay graphic arts design charector based on , or mused of u… (#muse) Now u may be thinging whats that , and feel a lil altured already . Well just ask yourself , are u ready? Some people look ready , talk and act ready , but not …. As u take those beautiful selfies of your self (#goddessdesigns) , notice the color that swerls , as the light shines bright. Not the reflection of light u see of the room and yourself , but the gallaxy (#universalart) that radiates measuring the distance between self and space . Look at all the tiny stars , they are something to behold . The ancestors (#ancestoryart) have notice your gift ment for u , choose wisely , for if u reach out to them , u will receive it. My job is to guied u there , allow me one chance to put that gift on paper, canvas, or as a screen saver to remind u of you goddess/woman hood…….in other words , u know what im asking ..? Can we create a masterpeace (#marvelmasterpeaces)..? Please no weirdo stuff or creepy one worded answers , if u are not mature enough for this , a simple no thanks will serfice …….. As u see from how i type my flyer, im not into games and drama ……. Drama is from hell , and games are for playstation ….do u have @facebook.com + @instagram.com + @twitter.com + @hotmail.com + @gmail.com +@yahoo.com ………..

Lasting through the hard Times

So whats really good , are u wit it goddess ??? @Cosplay.com = ( RM18+ https://youtu.be/Y8wCs5TrY1I ) Masking the fates grand rising , bet i caught u just in time ….. lol tell me why i want to design some goddess pics of u ….. ? All i need to know is whats your fav color , your sign , and culture . Our ancestors allow the tapestry of the universe to unwind in our direction … then u can do a small photo shoot and we go from there , so whats on yo mind…?It should be the influince of seeing the galaxy in your own eyes. Not , I was with you until you said no rubber pencils lol idk know you for me to raw-dog posing ( use hand sanitizer while touching tools for art ) with you. Bringing a friend is most likely a must . Due to the covid . But you can definitely pay me if the both of u are into art …. The right moment will come just take your time…. Snap the shot , be creative using your astological sign and culture to find objects to add in the pics ….. thus ill do the rest , cause nine times out of ten the concept has been blown out of a proportional relationship …. pose like u want to tease the camra, have fun with it ….  just knock at the door , for the oppertunity has it cracked for u ….. wear a skirt , tie a sheet around u like a goddesses way to the water … With out being below the line of rated teen , RPG13 on the other hand has flew borderling the case proven . Not reaching back , our fav. #stealsuperman , #blacklightning , #Staticshock , and many more have been in the game for years to come. Adding trueth to fiction our very own #afro samurai has listed the talent needed with ease. But what about the female portion …?

Newest designs Freestyled

Ok , heres the forte’ … I want to do a goddess design thats based on your fav color , astrology sign , and culture . Allowing u to brainstorm with me a gown , spacific objects to hold, and maximizing your knowledge of self using my studying techniqes. Like chakra control, the human psyche , and much more …… thus designing the goddess thats u……You then pose for 5 pics , just to position your face , shape , and posture ….. ill train u on that part …. and we put it all together. If u into art and want to pose for some cosplay art , inbox me , add me , or email me at vexedinsanityarts@gmail.com ( Vexed Insanity Arts IG + FB )

Grand Rising Goddesses

Hello people who strive for perfection every day . I do not say that we are perfect in the since of being God , I say perfection in following his footsteps . Our woman these days are not told how much they are perfection in goddess-hood , if only the young kings today was taught to wership her as such … Then they will see its a two way street or can been givin vice versa …. For she is the one that gives birth (#ageofauqarius), my interest of such can be proven as Gaia (#goddessdesigns) or mother earth (#motherearthart ) . Such different designs have been done of her , and still ignored for her rights to be igknowledged . For man carries the world where , on his shoulders. Following cultures of many sources (#goddessculturalart), can u notice that most artist dupicted such as the raining nourishment from her gives life when found. If u would like a design based on such goddess/woman hood using astrology, fav color , and culture . Email me or leave a comment , yet inbox me and we can brainstorm one of the best goddess designs ever. The one of you….. vexedinsanityart@gmail.com IG +FB . If u need to see more proof , check out my art and see that I design logos and much more by typing in Vexed Insanity Arts into your google search bar , and click on images . Seeing my bread crums leading to many ideas of building this company . I am in search of a model , manager , and producer .

Wish there was a chance to prove it….

The problem isn’t that we as graphic artist are doing to much , its the fact that not many people like art anymore . Mostly pushing us away durring childhood and teasing us as teens , we grouped together and created a trend nobody could really understand . ( #cospalyart , #comicbookart , #biblicalart ) In saying this , I lead u to read about how most artist are treated growing up . Learning to capture love on paper (#muse ), some turned to fairies (#fairyart) and angels (#angelart) …. others comics and toons , some even to biblical or coloring books ….. I myself , choose all of the above . Check out my art as it tells a story barly seen by many….. @vexedinsainityarts , u can see or get drawn anything you can brainstorm. ( vexedinsanityarts@gmail.com + ig + fb ) … I am in search of a model to draw as well , starting at $45 a design . Depending on detail and shading , inbox me … leave a coment , or email .

Welcome to the Future

Growing up I was one of the kids that plaied with toys (#ninjaturtlesart) , and (#transformersart) , while mother worked to suport 2 kids alone . My pen became my best friend since nobody would play fair with me , without breaking my toys or something , getting into troble was noticed when I would hang out with them so i moved forwerds . But all my friends went to jail or died , i was getting an education , and learning to wership our Goddess as if she was the sweet necture of the Gods. …. the library became my hang out spot as a teen , looking up everything that I heard from the old heads . The older artists opened up a wave of styles to practice with , so mastering shading was a goal grasped by yoyrs truely ….. Then there was the situation of finding a girl to draw. Most of the men were to prideful to let another man draw them , and yet I needed a model (#muse) https://youtu.be/81rWCGYehwQ . Finally the blood , sweat and tears paied off …. Landing in Las Vegas Navada (#lasvegascosplayconventions) , there was a flood of cosplay everywhere . Thinking its heaven I shined the mighty sword. Leaving my past and conflict with a lack of inspiration was no longer optional . VEXED INSANITY ARTS was created . (#vexedinsanityarts @gmail.com + Fb + Ig ) Sadly the erge to come back to my roots was in my head , now learning that it wasnt a dream , there is the curption of the artists lexican depleating our artist today. The knowlede shall end with my genaration , sadly unable to pass along such a beautiful lagacey . And strung along , the empty force of designing the perfection of a goddess will disapear with us this time , like the water fall in atlantis . (#atlantianarts)

Heaven or Hell

Now its to the point where they dont know what they want ….. and they scared to tell the truth about it . Point is she asked me to draw her as a goddess, as a normal artist would say what kind of goddess …. Lets just say that the horns on her head was because she was a sagittarius ( #sagittariusart ) …. lol get my point ….. If u ready to express your woman/goddess hood , and make today all about u , allow me to do some designs of whatever u can brainstorm . Posing is one of the fun things done with selfies anyway , might as well get paid with it … (digitized designs start at $45.oo ) check out my designs by typing in Vexed Insanity Arts in your search bar , go to images or hmu on IG + FB + @GMAIL.COM